Selected works 2020-2023

In Ocean My Past, In Air My Resemblance, 2023.
Linocut 121 x 185 cm.


An Experience of a Transparent Veil of The Gargoyles Intuitive Ability of Perception, 2023.
Linoprint 121 x 185 cm.
Installed with large iron nails at group exhibiton Exhibit A at Govan Project Space, Glasgow Scotland 2023.


In Luminous Structure of Dust, Bacteria and Oily Fluids, 2023.
Linocut print 121 x 185 cm.

, 2022.
Triptych of linoprints 112 x 106 x 2 cm.
Installed on table with white cloth.


Disturbance of Carnal and Biotic Simulation, 2021.

Triptych containing linoprints each of 42 x 59 cm. Limited edition of 6.
The work includes quote by scottish comicbook writer Grant Morrison: "Sometimes you wonder, in an interconnected Universe, who's dreaming who?" (Grant Morrison, Animal Man, Vol. 2: Origin of The Species).

Selected for Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling, Kunsthal Aarhus 2022.
KP 2022

Fucking Harvest
, 2021

Linoprint 30 x 42 cm. nailed to black wooden cross. Installed on field near a tumulus, in the western part of the Danish island Lolland.

Fucking Harvest exhibited at The End of The World, 2022 in soil from same island as initial installation.

Vulvatorious logo, 2020
Linoprint, 11 x 30,5 cm.

Skyggeriget (The Shadow Kingdom), 2020-2022.
3 linoprints each of 30 x 42 cm.

Transgressor, 2020.
Linoprint 30 x 42 cm. containing quote from the bible.