Ditte Krøyer is a Danish interdisciplinary artist, based in Glasgow, Scotland where she studies at Glasgow School of Art. Krøyers work evolves through the form of printmaking, sound, performance and installation. Inspired by religious medieval art and architecture, Krøyer involves outdoor spaces, often drawn by her own heritage. Through researching scandinavian and scottish churches from past centuries, Krøyer gathers information of objects, artworks and history, while questioning what role religion has today, in our current time in history, where we are so desperately depending on science. A fixation of existentialism, extraterrestrial lifeforms and death, is visible in Krøyers work. With the creeping fear of the unknown future of humanity and the ever present fear of judgement day, Krøyer draws parallels to climate change and the pandemic. In 2020 Krøyer, Sofie Angen and Signe Lading, formed metal band Vulvatorious. With simple in-your-face lyrics, Vulvatorious summons feminists around the world to join the great battle against the patriarchy.



IG: @ditte_kroyer

Photo by Timo Battefeld, 2022