Ditte Krøyer is a Danish interdisciplinary artist, based in New York City, studying at the MFA Fine Arts program at The School of Visual Arts.

Krøyer recently finished the Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours from Glasgow School of Art, specializing in Sculpture and Environmental Art. Krøyers work evolves through the form of printmaking, installation and performance. Inspired by religious medieval art and architecture, Krøyer investigates an in-between of worlds such as the borderlines of nightmares and dreams, utopia and dystopia, and life and death, drawing parallels to climate change and late capitalism.

In 2020 Krøyer, Sofie Angen and Signe Lading, formed metal band Vulvatorious. With song titles such as FUCK YOU INCEL and CUNT WAR. Their debut album will be released in 2024.


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IG: @ditte_kroyer